Portrait von James Maitland Boyle

Art • Von Maximilian Hofmann • 6 Sep 2012

Nach über einem Jahr – jetzt endlich online: Im Studio mit James Maitland Boyle.

20110829_19-48-14_66367.jpg20110829_19-49-08_66372.jpg20110829_21-58-24_66635.jpg20110829_22-03-11_66646.jpgJames Maitland BoyleJames Maitland BoyleJames Maitland BoyleJames Maitland Boyle

James vor einigen Jahren über sich selbst:

“My name is James Maitland Boyle. I am a California native who has been living abroad for more than 20 years now. I currently live in Saarbrücken, Germany, right up on the French border. I began playing mandolin about 5 years ago, after realizing that my classic acoustic duo with a 12 and a 6 string needed a little more pep. It very quickly became my favorite instrument of all time(even motivating me to start learning scales), and eventually ended up replacing my guitar entirely in the duo. Two years ago, I had the chance to test, and buy the Weber Gallatin that I had been saving up for for more than a year. It is my most prized possesion. One of these days, I hope to upgrade to a Bitterroot model, if for no other reason than it would reflect the band name very nicely, and I think my father would enjoy that, as he lives in Montana. Being a mediocre instrumentalist, I don’t think I will ever reach the level or speed of most of the good bluegrass pickers(Dale Reno being my favorite), but that has never discouraged me, and I just enjoy playing my Gallatin every chance I get.”



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